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Implementing EMR In A Medical Office… Now What?

The decision to use EMR software in a modern medical office is an easy one. How should you navigate converting old medical records?   EMRS are much more than just a replacement for paper medical records. Digitally storing and updating patient information makes communication and coordination infinitely more manageable for a medical team. Documenting medical […]

Shredding Bins: How Pre-Scheduled Shredding Services Can Help Your Business

Every document that comes across a professional’s desk has a use-by date, and instead of just throwing sensitive client, employee, and other business information in the trash for anyone to find, paper shredding offers you peace of mind. Document shredding services help businesses and office professionals keep their confidential information secure. Offices in the legal, […]

What Should I be Shredding?

Identity theft runs rampant. From piles of junk mail to old receipts, there is more sensitive information than you think on the personal papers and documents you toss in the trash every day. Identity thieves need only the smallest bit of an account number or address to put you and your privacy at risk. Here […]

How Can Mobile Shredding Save Money?

Scheduling a shred truck to come to your home to shred documents is both a time-saver and cost effective for medium to large shredding projects. Mobile shredding allows for safe destruction that you can witness being done, right there at your curb or driveway.  Whether residential or commercial, mobile shredding may be the best option […]

COVID is Causing a Paperless Trend in the Workplace

Why Document Scanning is a Good Idea for Companies Today 2020 is certainly a year of changes in companies across the US, and for traditionally paper-based businesses, operating remotely or “going paperless” through document scanning is especially difficult to navigate. Scanning a large volume of documents is certainly a daunting task, there’s more than one reason […]

Remote Learning – Scanning School Records to Save Space, Time and Money

Digital vs. Paper School Records With schools across the country beginning the 2020-2021 academic year remotely, many are taking the opportunity to look into scanning or converting educational records to digital. Managing files digitally with scanning services for school records is simply the easier option. An Average School Uses 2000 Sheets of Paper Per Day […]

A Guide to Mobile Shred Truck Paper Shredding Services

  Mobile Shred Trucks provide mobile, on-site shredding services for residential and commercial purposes. When personally witnessing shredding is necessary for your documents, a shred truck equipped with an industrial shredder is sent to your house or business, at your convenience. This means secure paper shredding can be done right at your curb, parking lot […]

Transitioning to a Remote Workspace

Document Scanning and Working Remotely Now more than ever companies are turning to digital platforms and solutions in order to continue providing their clients with the best care and service. However, scanning and converting hundreds or thousands of important documents without the staff available or equipment necessary can be very complex. A professional scanning company […]

Common Questions About Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Questions  – Answered!   Digital storage options and file scanning practices are now popular decisions in the business world. Professional records management companies are ready to guide potential clients to the best solution while answering many of the document scanning questions below.   Why Is It So Important to Scan Our Company Records? […]

Common Questions about Paper Shredding Services

Hiring a shredding service to ensure proper destruction of home or office paperwork can be a difficult task! At Global Document Services, we make it our goal to provide our clients with a professional shredding experience, and also give you the tools to make smart and secure destruction choices. This article covers the most common […]