Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Global Document Services Provides Solutions to Meet the Needs of a Modern Office


Storage Device for Records ManagementWe understand that every business is built differently, and as such, our hardware and software solutions are customized for our clients because. We will work with any company to provide the best industry document solutions for their specific file management practices. Our highly trained staff offers custom cloud storage options and never with any long term commitment required.

Affordable Document Management Solutions and Maintaining the Highest of Standards

Above all, we understand growth in our field. Consequently, we know that our staff must always learn and change along with the industries we serve. For instance, trends like cloud storage and the expanding interest in a paperless footprint, are a big focus for us. Likewise, by understanding these fully, we are more helpful to a client who may have not considered these options before. While constantly focusing our efforts on adapting and changing in the interest of our clients, we are therefore better able to provide our customers with what we refer to as, “The GDS Difference”.

At GDS we combine years of experience with top-level technology, and we always practice secure processes to maintain our strict standards. We work with businesses in almost any industry, from the private sector to government agencies, and are always looking for new ways and areas we can expand into.  We’re here to help with all of your document imaging, scanning, secure shredding, redaction of sensitive information and secure cloud storage needs!  GDS believes important business and personal documents should be readily accessible and the storage solutions for them should be affordable. Due to this, we have made it our personal mission to insure that this is possible for all with our range of options for all industries.

GDS Provides Document Solutions for Every Modern Office

Industries We Serve

  • Educational Institutions
  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Museums
  • Historical Societies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Property Management Companies

…And Many More!

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