Microfilm Scanning & Conversion

Microfilm Scanning & Conversion

But What is Microfilm Scanning and Conversion?

Microfilm scanning allows you to transfer old data into an easily manageable system that would allow your data to be easily adapted to future technology.  Additionally, this type of scanning will allow for:

Reduced retrieval times
Quicker file replication time
More indexing options for file management
Saves space that is needed for readers and film storage
Easy access to documents that can be shared on the internet
Instant access to millions of documents


Due to the rapid advancement of technology, the only practical way to store documents and make them accessible for future technologies is through microfilm scanning and conversion. One CD can hold up to thousands of documents with a hard drive being able to hold millions!

Additionally, our microfilm services take the stress off of your employees and allows our expert services to provide you with reliable and efficient scanning services.

Our highly-trained professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and software to recreate the image in the highest quality possible.


Why Convert My Microfilm to Digital?

Microfilm usually boasts a shelf life of up to 50 years, but that isn’t always the case. Check in on your film and fiche. Do you notice any blemishes, vinegar smell, brittleness, stickiness or fungus? These older media types often decay even in environments with climate-control measures in place.

Digitizing these records before they fall to decay prolongs the life of your data in a way that really does last for years.

With Years of Experience in Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche Scanning, We Have the Knowledge, Experience and Reputation as the Best Microfilm Scanning Company for Your Microfilm, Microfiche or Aperture Cards Digitization Project.


We Offer Many Types of Microfilm Scanning Services

16mm Roll

3mm Cartridge Film

35mm Film


Aperture Cards



Benefits to Scanning Your Microfilm for Digital Conversion

Businesses who have made the jump to microfilm conversion services often regret not making the decision sooner.  Some of the notable benefits that come with microfilm scanning include:

      • Accurate Data Preservation
      • Easier Information Access
      • Ability to Share Data and Collaborate Easily
      • Search-ability Within Your Data
      • More Space!
      • Efficiency Increase
      • Improving Your Bottom Line
      • Peace of Mind
      • Backups!

Additionally, when you add up costs that a conversion project may accrue, in-house digitization is usually not an effective use of time or money. The cost to outsource to a company with all the equipment, staff and knowledge already in place, can be a lot more attractive.


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Microfilm Digitization & Microfilm Indexing – We Can Do More Than Just Converting Microfilm to PDF!

Once the microfilm scanning and imaging is done, Global Document Services can help with indexing converted microfilm and matching to any existing database or storage medium. Whether you prefer to have your microfilm indexing done by manual keying, Computer Aided Retrieval or any other method, we can help you with all microfilm conversion and digitization services.
Other microfilm conversion services we offer include OCR, creating searchable PDF files, preparing images and index information for import and unitizing images into documents. We’re the experts in converting microfilm to digital and useable PDF!

Accurately Scan, Convert, Store, Index and Access your Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Data, Easily!


These Machines are a Thing of the Past. Why Deal With Them When There Are Better and More Efficient Alternatives?

Save your business money and stop maintaining microfilm/microfiche readers or machines.

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