Bates Stamping Service

Bates Stamping Service

Professional Document Annotation Service

Bates stamping is a method that marks PDF documents with a specific, usually numeric, identifier. Documents may be Bates stamped using sequential numbers, business notes, dates, or other identifying information. The identifier chosen depends on the reason for the annotation. Legal proceedings usually require all case documents have Bates numbers, so that all parties can easily reference pages in litigation.

Global Document Services Guarantees Accurate Bates Labeling for Legal Documents at an Affordable Price.

Our PDF annotation service identifies individual pages within a document. This process helps teams organize business receipts, identify emails, and sort through the files during discovery for a trial. Usually, the operator scans each page and then applies the Bates number or stamp to each document image, in order. Global Document Services uses professional software to ensure you receive the highest quality of work for your bates labeling project.

Reference your litigation documents easily and accurately by choosing Global Document Services.

How Is Bates Numbering Used?

Bates Numbering is most often used legally to order and reference many kinds of paperwork. By applying sequential numbering to business, legal and medical documents, you're making the organizing and identification of important documents a lot easier. As an example, a paralegal can easily search and locate the exact page and information a lawyer may need to reference in a deposition. Bates stamping for law professionals is a huge time and money saver.

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Global Document Services Offers Professional Document Scanning and Digitization Too!

Our professional staff can scan physical files to PDF format before applying the Bates stamping digitally. Our document scanning service is professional, accurate and produces clear imaging that’s an exact match or better representation of the original document.

We’re happy to provide you with the Bates numbered files in PDF or paper form. Whichever is preferable for your application.

Legal File Indexing by Bates Stamping Case Files

Bates stamping applies specific numeric or alphanumeric identifiers like case ID numbers, dates or company names to each PDF page. Bates numbers default to the header or footer of the pages for location and can make use of a prefix, suffix or both.

Luckily, with the transition from paper to electronic documents, the manual Bates stamping method has also been improved upon. Now, many software methods allow for a much easier and less time consuming process.

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Global Document Services can apply Bates stamping or Bates numbering as an overlay, or in the footer so as to not interfere with any content on the pages themselves.

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