Aperture Cards Scanning

Aperture Cards Scanning

Just as with microfilm and microfiche scanning, aperture card scanning improves access to your information, creates permanent versions of the data, and increases efficiency. No matter if you have just a few or even thousands of aperture cards, our highly-trained professionals are capable of converting 16mm or 35mm image areas. Our equipment allows us to scan aperture cards of all types, capturing both bi-tonal and grayscale images.

Our experience has given way to many common issues with aperture card conversions, and our processes are designed to maximize the quality of the scans while minimizing the workflow to archive the cards.

After scanning, we can index the documents so that your information is easily searchable and readable for years to come while saving you space, time, and energy.

Aperture Card Scanning provides efficiency and security

  • Eliminate outdated Card Readers in your office
  • Reduce time consuming retrieval processes
  • Save space by putting up to 15,000 Aperture Cards on a single CD
  • Improve access – images can be printed, faxed or emailed directly from your desktop
  • Multiple users can access scanned images at the same time over a network
  • For greater search capabilities and complete document portability, you can convert the Aperture Card images to PDF format

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