Aperture Card Scanning

Aperture Card Scanning

Scan Aperture Cards for Easy, Long-Term Storage

Aperture card scanning services not only improve access to your information, it also creates a much more permanent version of the data the aperture cards contain. Our professional and knowledgeable team scan aperture cards in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Do your images need a little enhancement? We use sophisticated imaging tools to ensure the absolute best scan results during our aperture card scanning process.

From scanning a few aperture cards to processing thousands of aperture cards for conversion, our highly-trained professionals are capable of converting 16mm or 35mm image areas. Our aperture card scanning equipment allows us to scan aperture cards of all types, capturing both bi-tonal and grayscale images.

Easily Convert Aperture Cards to Digital!

Our aperture card scanning service creates high-resolution digital images from aperture cards. Our premium technology gives us the capability of scanning all types of aperture cards, including Hollerith punched cards that have a 16mm or 35mm image areas.

Access and View Your Images From Anywhere at Anytime!

Scanning Aperture Cards produces thousands of images, why not have them in the cloud?

Cloud Storage Options

Aperture Card Scanning Services – Professional and Affordable Aperture Card Conversion

  • Eliminate outdated aperture card readers in your office
  • Reduce time consuming retrieval processes
  • Save space by putting up to 15,000 Aperture Cards on a single CD
  • Improve access – After scanning aperture cards, you can easily print, fax, and email card images safely and directly from your desktop
  • Multiple users can access aperture card image scans at the same time over a network
  • For greater search capabilities and complete document portability, you can convert the Aperture Card images to PDF format

Digitize Your Aperture Cards Collection Now!

In the past, organizations use aperture cards to store documents and images, but today the equipment to access these cards is very expensive and quickly becoming obsolete.

Global Document Services digitizes aperture card collections using quality conversion processes and the latest in aperture card scanning technology.  By scanning drawings or other historical and important documents on aperture cards currently, you’re able to store them more safely on a digital platform, and access them more easily than ever before.

What About Indexing Aperture Card Scans?

After scanning, we can index the documents so that your information is easily searchable and readable for years to come while saving you space, time, and energy.

Indexing Services for Aperture Card Scanning

Professional Aperture Card Scanning Services

Our years of experience scanning aperture cards solves many common issues with typical aperture card conversion projects. We design our aperture card scanning processes to maximize the quality of the scans and images while minimizing the time necessary to archive the cards. This means you receive your aperture card scans quickly and at the highest possible quality.

If you’re looking at ways to scan aperture cards, you’re probably facing two options: scanning aperture cards internally or working with a professional aperture card scanning company. We understand the initial concern of sending your cards outside of your office, but the benefit of working with a professional aperture card scanner is that we already have all the right processes in place to make your project happen quickly and successfully.

Is It Cost-Effective to Outsource to an Aperture Card Scanning Service Company?

Usually, the answer is overwhelmingly yes. Aperture card scanning companies like us have the knowledge and expertise for these projects already in place. Our conversion facility has the security procedures to process and transmit data, the card scanners to digitize aperture cards, the scanning infrastructure to process card images and data, and the professionally trained staff to scan your aperture cards.

Yes, you could purchase aperture card scanners, train your staff, and even scan aperture cards on a part-time basis, but if you have a lot of aperture cards to convert, it may take more time than you have available.

At Global Document Services, we provide efficient, quality and truly exceptional aperture card scanning services. We use the latest imaging software and aperture card scanners to convert aperture cards to digital for long-term storage and security.

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