HR Document Scanning

HR Document Scanning

Benefits Your Bottom Line!


With recruiting, on-boarding, benefits handling, and much more, Human Resources Departments generate an overwhelming amount of documents. Figuring out how to store all of that paperwork just adds to that list. Our HR document scanning service helps to lift the large of files, weighing down management. Additionally, it promotes compliance along with ensuring accuracy.

Prepping and scanning employee files and benefits documents while entering the data allows for quick and easy filing.


This creates a fast retrieval process and provides for a more secure, digital storage option. Get rid of those large, cumbersome cabinets and streamline your workflows for improved efficiency while protecting yourself from loss of signatures and dates against disasters.

How Do I Outsource My HR Document Scanning?

Approved Federal Government Contractor

After undergoing the extensive vetting process through the GSA, Global Document Services commits to utilizing GSA Schedule contracts in order to build successful solutions for government clients.

We provide special government pricing and custom plans for projects under GSA Schedule contract #47QSMS24D006Y

High Quality Scanning and Reliable Customer Service

Your HR Department knows that better than anyone. Having all company documents easily available via cloud or digital storage devices, means less time searching through file cabinets or boxes to find that one file. Pulling up information with just a few clicks is a huge advantage in this fast moving business world.

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Can Going Paperless and Scanning HR Documents Really Benefit Our Human Resources Department?

Many HR departments deal with constant struggles. These include government regulations requiring compliance standards, time-sensitive payroll, and organization of all employee files. GDS can help remove this burden from your management team and enable them to focus on more important core business issues.

By choosing to scan your business’ HR documents, we can help in the following ways:

  • Alleviate recruiters and HR managers from paperwork so they can spend their time on core business processes
  • Capture, sort and distribute applications and resumes automatically
  • Automate payroll and expense processes
  • Improve information security
  • Automate record retention and destruction schedule

“I would highly recommend Global Document Services.

High quality scanning, fast turnaround, and professional staff. “


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