3 Reasons to Switch From Traditional Document Management

3 Reasons to Switch From Traditional Document Management

Paperless, Digital Storage vs Traditional Document Management

Traditional document management is still way too common in typical offices today. There’s comfort found in tangible documents and many have technology trust issues or just simply don’t know where to begin!

Change is always a bit scary but the massive change from physical boxes of documents you can actually see, to hard drives or servers filled with files you can’t, is understandably stressful.  However, the benefits of digital file storage and document scanning are numerous, if you take a closer look.

3 Reasons to Switch From Traditional Document Management



1. Wasted Time

Employees of companies large and small have one definite problem in common. Large volumes of paper and misfiling. Whether its during a rushed moment, a lack of experience or a simple, passing mistake, filing something incorrectly is a relatively small thing that can become a massive problem. Legal offices can face large fines when a document is lost and the backlash in medical offices can be very costly. When a document isn’t where it should be and you’re dealing with physical files, the search can be a process.  Going through boxes, storage cabinets and filing rooms is a huge waste of staff productivity. Off-site storage is common as well, and just another aspect of the problem. Even searching for a file in a well-organized situation is more difficult than its worth.

2. Wasted Paper

It’s estimated that a single employee can use as much as 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Offices all over the world are continually trying to lesson that amount, but the fact is that paper is a hard thing to let go. Its easy! And safe. Things you can see written or typed on actual paper are somehow easier to trust than the easily editable alternative. But think of how many printed documents are tossed, daily. How often have you printed out a whole document when you only need the information from one page? Or printed it twice by accident? Switching to a paperless office and digital storage is the only way to move forward and stop

3. Wasted Money

This is the one many people don’t consider. All that paper requires space, and space is a hot commodity! A typical file cabinet takes up about 9 sq/ft and based on average office space cost, can cost up to $1500.00 per year alone. That adds up quickly as the years go on and the paper continues to accumulate.

Off-site storage is another, larger, monthly expense that is even harder to manage. These files are often forgotten about or neglected and end up being kept past their required retention periods by mistake. This makes the storage and expense completely pointless. Trusting someone outside your company to handle your document management is never a good idea.

The Point

Instead of stuffing files into various folders or stacking existing piles even higher, your paper documents
can be scanned and digitally stored. This method effectively eliminates the headaches that large amounts of  paper handling comes with, and saves you valuable time and money as well. Taking the first step to a paperless office is confusing and hard to grasp sometimes, but the benefits will far outweigh any difficulties you have in the process!

Take the first step for both your office and the environment and begin leading a more paper conscious existence!



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