Secure Shredding Service – HIPAA Compliant Mobile Destruction

Secure Shredding Service – HIPAA Compliant Mobile Destruction


Searching for shredding services near me? Global Document Services proudly offers bulk shredding, residential shredding and business shredding services on site, at your location. Our personal document shredding services are available to schedule at your convenience and our professional shredding services include professional bulk shredding and document destruction on a set, recurring schedule. Our mobile shred service sends a shredding truck right to your home or office and we offer all of our document shredding services at an affordable price.  Call Now to Schedule!

Why Use a Professional Document Shredding Company?

Using a professional shredding service is the smartest  way to destroy personal information and we make it easy!

As a local business, we understand the importance of protecting private business information within our community. Shredding personal or private documents is simply the only way to ensure the security of that information.

Global Document Services is a secure place for shredding documents locally, and we offer a convenient, affordable and reliable destruction service to both personal shredding and commercial shredding clients.

Scheduling our mobile shredding service offers onsite destruction appointments where the documents are shred right there at your home or business, on your schedule. Our cross-cut mobile shredder provides the highest level of security and excellent protection against identity theft.

Authorized Supplier

Pennsylvania COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program

This program provides a variety of choices to obtain goods and business services at exclusive, competitive rates only for COSTARS members.  With no need to hold a competitive bidding process, authorized suppliers like GDS have been throughly vetted and awarded contracts in their area of expertise.

We provide special COSTARS pricing and custom plans for projects under COSTARS-009-E23-103 – Graphic & Printing Services, Equipment and Supplies

How Does Mobile Shredding Work? How Can I Schedule a Shredding Truck for Paper Shredding Services Near Me?


Paper Shredding Services Near Me ⋅ Mobile NJ Shredding ⋅ Bulk Document Destruction ⋅ Paper Shredding in My Area ⋅ Personal Document Shredding ⋅ One Time Shredding Purge

Paper shredding is the only way to protect your important documents from theft or misuse. Criminals will stop at nothing to gain the information they need and it’s all too accessible in everything from junk mail to taxes.

Choosing a professional NJ shredding company like Global Document Services makes maintaining your privacy easy and affordable. Personal document shredding is especially important and often not given the attention it requires. With our on site shredder truck, our shred technician destroys documents right there at your location. You may even witness the document shredding for peace of mind.

How Do I Find Paper Shredding in My Area?  With our mobile shredding service its as simple as calling to schedule our shred technician to destroy your documents onsite. We schedule shredding appointments Monday through Friday and regularly offer weekend shred events.

Approved Federal Government Contractor

After undergoing the extensive vetting process through the GSA, Global Document Services commits to utilizing GSA Schedule contracts in order to build successful solutions for government clients.

We provide special government pricing and custom plans for projects under GSA Schedule contract #47QSMS24D006Y

Mobile Shredding Service on a Set, Recurring Schedule

Other paper shredding companies and places that shred documents simply don’t offer the flexibility and convenience of our regular shredding service.  Your employees have more productive things to do than shred paper at the office, and that’s where we come in!

Having our secure shred console there to store sensitive business documents waiting to be shred, means a higher level of security even before shredding happens.  We offer free shred console use in two different sizes and convenient quarterly, monthly or weekly service options to suit your shredding service needs. Furthermore, we automate the schedule so our shredder shows up for each service on time, every time.

How Does Recurring Mobile Shredding Work?

  • Shredding technician places secure shred bin(s) in your office
  • Bin(s) collect documents over a period of time
  • A mobile shredding truck and shred technician arrive to your location on a set schedule
  • Technician empties all documents from the shred bins into the shredder
  • We replace fresh and empty shred bins for continual use

Wondering Where To Shred Documents?

Other paper shredding companies will pickup your documents and shred offsite, but our HIPAA compliant shredding service is an onsite mobile destruction service and happens right there while you wait! (Hard drive destruction for electronically stored information, (computers, hard drives etc.), is done offsite in accordance with proper destruction guidelines.)

Experts recommend using a professional paper shredding service. Global Document Services is here to help with all of your document destruction needs.

We offer minimal or no-contact paper document shredding service and full confidentiality. Shredding paper is what we do so when you look for shredding services near me, know that GDS focuses on providing reliable paper destruction to our customers. We are the number one place to handle your NJ shredding needs!

Professional On-Site Shredding Services + Home Shredding Service + Bulk Shredding & Destruction

Commercial Shredding - Bulk Shredding - Residential Shredding - Shredding Truck

Document destruction at your convenience. Reliable shred service that's affordable and secure.

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Business Shredding Services and Home Shredding Services

We Offer Reliable, Affordable Document Destruction and are Proud to be the Best Paper Shredding Service in NJ!

Looking for paper shredding near me? Global Document Services is a professional local paper shredding company. GDS offers convenient mobile paper shredding, bulk shredding services and local shredding events. We provide a local place to shred documents and mobile paper shredding services in Atlantic County, Burlington County and Ocean County. Global Document Services is the best NJ document shredding service in the area, providing secure, reliable, and affordable mobile shredding services. You can also book a shred event for your town or business!

Where To Shred Documents – Shredding Near Me

Global Document Services is a convenient local place to shred documents in New Jersey. We offer mobile shredders that come to you, bulk shredding, storage unit shredding, home shredding services and shredding for businesses as well.

Call Us Today to Discuss Our Document Shredding and Paper Shredding Services in New Jersey, Shredding in Philadelphia or Shredding in Delaware.

Paper Shredding Near Me! – As A Professional Shredding Company, We Guarantee Confidential Shredding Services

At Global Document Services, we guarantee that our paper shredding service protects your information so that residents and businesses can feel safe trusting our shredding service. We screen our mobile shredder technicians and hold them by strict confidentiality agreements. We also offer shredding paper services in the most flexible way, by providing mobile shredding and document shredding services throughout the Jersey Shore.

Additionally, we offer a “Shredding Near Me” Paper Shredding Drop-Off that works with any schedule!  Global Document Services is happy to provide a FREE Certificate of Destruction after every bulk shredding service that we complete.

Some of Our Clients


Document Shredding in NJ – Paper Shredding Near Me

Businesses who choose Global Document Services as their paper shredding company, have a partner who leads in the document destruction industry. GDS is a HIPAA compliant document shredding company and we truly care about keeping your documents safe while providing the customer service and quality mobile shredder service NJ, that we are known for.


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We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly document shredding company in South Jersey, and we recycle all shred documents.