Microfiche Scanning Services

Microfiche Scanning Services

Why Should I Scan Microfiche?

With ever-advancing technologies, microfiche scanning services are becoming the best way to store and maintain your old data or images. We can convert microfiche to digital, providing you with a more manageable system that would allow you to share, update and store your data for future use and access.  Microfiche Scanning Services allow for:

Easy and Instant Access to Millions of Documents
Faster Duplication
Better Indexing Options for File Management
Cloud Storage Replaces the Need For Physical Storage
More Intuitive Collaboration


Nowadays, the only practical way to store documents and make them accessible for future technologies is through microfiche scanning and conversion. One CD can hold up to thousands of documents with a hard drive being able to hold millions!

Converting microfiche takes the stress off of your employees. Our expert scanning technicians scan and convert microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards efficiently, and provide you with accurate, high quality images and you can store and access easily.


Our highly-trained microfiche professionals use state-of-the-art microfilm scanning equipment and software to recreate the image in the highest quality.



Authorized Supplier

Pennsylvania COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program

This program provides a variety of choices to obtain goods and business services at exclusive, competitive rates only for COSTARS members.  With no need to hold a competitive bidding process, authorized suppliers like GDS have been throughly vetted and awarded contracts in their area of expertise.

We provide special COSTARS pricing and custom plans for projects under COSTARS-009-E23-103 – Graphic & Printing Services, Equipment and Supplies


Scan Microfiche to View and Access Your Data From Anywhere!

Microfiche scanning produces thousands of images, why not keep them in the cloud?

Microfiche Cloud Storage

How Do Microfiche Scanning and Microfilm Scanning Services Work?

  1. The microfiche data needing conversion is organized and made ready for pickup or shipping.
  2. We offer secure pickup locally, or shipping services for the microfiche.
  3. After our professional scanning staff receives the data, the technician scans each exposure into a digital format.
  4. Each microfiche conversion goes through the QA process to ensure a quality image.
  5. The microfiche scans are delivered to the client via CD, HDD or USB and the original microfiche are returned to the client.

What Are Some Benefits to Scanning Microfiche and Converting to Digital?

Businesses who have converted microfiche to digital usually only regret not making the decision sooner.  The most notable benefits that come with microfiche scanning include:

      • Preserving Data Accurately
      • Easier Access to Information
      • Ability to Share Data and Collaborate Easily
      • Search-ability Within Your Data
      • More Space!
      • Efficiency Increase
      • Improving Your Bottom Line
      • Peace of Mind
      • Backups!

Additionally, when you add up costs that a michrofiche conversion project may accrue, in-house scanning is usually not an effective use of time or money. The cost to outsource to a professional microfiche scanning company with all the equipment, staff and knowledge already in place, can be a lot more attractive.

We Offer Many Types of Microform Scanning Services

16mm Roll Scanning

3mm Cartridge Film Scanning

35mm Film Scanning

Microfilm Scanning

Aperture Card Scanning


Approved Federal Government Contractor

After undergoing the extensive vetting process through the GSA, Global Document Services commits to utilizing GSA Schedule contracts in order to build successful solutions for government clients.

We provide special government pricing and custom plans for projects under GSA Schedule contract #47QSMS24D006Y

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Microfiche Conversion & Microfiche Indexing – We Can Do More Than Just Scanning Microfiche to Digital!

Once the microfiche scanning and imaging is done, Global Document Services can help with indexing converted microfiche and matching to any existing database or storage medium. Whether you prefer to have your microfiche indexing done by manual keying, Computer Aided Retrieval or any other method, we can help you with all microfiche conversion and digitization services.
Other microfiche conversion services we offer include OCR, creating searchable PDF files, preparing images and index information for import and unitizing images into documents. We’re the experts in converting microfiche to digital and useable formats!

Accurately Scan, Convert, Store, Index and Access your Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Data, Easily!


Microfiche is Outdated and Antiquated.

Why Deal With  When There Are Better and More Efficient Alternatives? Scan Microfiche and Microfilm to Digital for Easy Access and Longterm Storage

Save your business money and stop maintaining microfiche readers or machines.

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