Book Scanning

Book Scanning


Do you have books that you want to archive before nature deteriorates them over time? But how do you go about it? Whether the book has a spline or not, Global Document Services provides professional and affordable book scanning for your needs.

Digitally archived books last forever and can be easily accessed by anybody, on any device, for any reason. Our equipment can quickly and efficiently scan and store books, no matter the size, age, or spline. With our specialized machines in-house, our staff can capture and archive traditional books with a spline, with no problem.

Besides the age factor and inevitable exposure, books weigh a lot and can take up large amounts of space. In fact, books often require entire walls to house them! A typical house of office has at least two or three bookshelves devoted to this purpose. Think of all of the space that you could save by digitizing your library.


Our production style book scanners are designed for non-destructive bound book scanning

The books of any size and condition are scanned, archived, and then easily retrievable from any device.

Historical Volume Scanning

Our Book Scanning Service is useful for any bound volume. Some examples may include:


  • Laboratory notebooks
  • Manuals
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Engineering books


  • Yearbooks
  • Vital records
  • Research notebooks
  • Ledger books
  • and more


Along with bound book scanning, Global Document Services also provide a semi-destructive option. This option is less expensive than traditional bound book scanning and can help you cut costs in this process.  By using great care and delicacy, GDS staff can simply remove the binding or spline from any book entirely without affecting the text itself.

In this way, the pages can be scanned more easily and with greater speed, while still maintaining the quality of the original pages. Once the scanning is done, we can return the book, without the spline, but in otherwise excellent condition.

Global Document Services is always proud to specialize our options according to our clients’ exact needs. Fill out the form below for a fast and no obligation quote!