Commercial Shredding Service

Commercial Shredding Service

Secure Consoles and Regular Shredding Appointments

When making the leap to paperless, there’s always the question of what to do with the original material. Global Document Services is a leading provider of document scanning and we offer a solution to that problem! Medical offices, law firms and other businesses routinely digitize older files and after they approve the scans, we securely shred all originals. Best of all, if you use Global Document Services’ scanning service, original file shredding is included in the pricing!

Our staff recycles all shred material while maintaining security and confidentiality, and we guarantee it!


Many financially based businesses as well as legal and medical professionals require large amounts of shredding done on a regular basis. Global Document Services also provides regular shredding appointments to securely destroy all necessary material, routinely and easily.

Additionally, we offer one time shredding appointments, as well as continual shredding services for all professional environments.  Each project includes a complimentary Certificate of Destruction to protect your interests should an issue arise, down the road.

Businesses Benefit From A Professional Shredding Service

If your office keeps paper copies of personal information for employees and clients on file, then our shredding services are for you. Simple disposal of these documents just not enough to maintain their confidentiality. Shredding them securely is an important step in preventing identity theft, as well as private information leaking to your competitors.

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Global Document Services can handle all of your shredding needs. Whether it is a one-time disposal or a continual service we are ready to help!

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