One-Time Paper Shredding Purge

One-Time Paper Shredding Purge

Global Document Services Makes Professional Paper Shredding Easy!

On Site ShreddingIn addition to regularly scheduled shredding or recurring service, Global Document Services also offers a one-time purge service.

If you run a small business you may think at home shredding is enough to stop your private documents from getting into the wrong hands, but this is not always the case. Personal shredding machines have varying levels of security and may not always be fully effective. Some at-home shredders do not provide the proper amount of destruction necessary to keep your information safe and secure.

We offer our one-time purge shredding service for businesses and residents that just need one clean out, small or large, of their old or unnecessary documents and papers. Whether you have a few boxes or a whole warehouse or storage unit full of confidential documents that you need to shred, Global Document Services can help! One of our on-site shred trucks will come to your location and destroy all unwanted documents quickly and efficiently, right there in front of you.  Our mobile-shredding process ensures total security with no room for error.

Global Document Services offers convenient mobile shredding by appointment and we guarantee the proper and secure destruction of your documents.

Are You A Small Business That Has Recently Gone Digital?

Perhaps formerly self-employed and looking to dispose of old business documents? Just looking to clear out your current office space? Too busy for regular paper shredding appointments? We can help anyone looking for one time disposal of confidential documents!

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Why Should I Shred?

Still uncertain about choosing to have your documents shred? Here are a few of the many benefits of choosing a paper shredding company:

  • Clears up office space being wasted by unused documents
  • Protects you and your clients privacy and identities
  • Hassle-free shredding – we handle everything for you!
  • Shredding comes with a certificate of destruction to ensure that no steps were skipped in the process of your shredding
  • Frees up valuable time for you and your employees that would’ve been spent on in-office shredding


Global Document Services Recycles 100% Of Your Shred Documents

Once your sensitive documents are completely shred and destroyed, we’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction. This document serves as proof that the destruction has ]been completed according to HIPAA guidelines. We then take the “shreds” to a local recycling facility where 100% of the papers and documents are recycled.

We make sure that your shred paper recycles as office paper, paper towels, packaging materials, and other paper products. Your information is unrecoverable after our professional shredding process, so you can rest easy knowing that it remains secure while the recycled shreds benefit the environment.


Global Document Services Protects Your Information While You Help to Protect The Environment


If you need more information or would like to schedule a one-time shredding appointment, fill out the form below or call us directly at (800) 472-9716.