Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning


Are you thinking of going paperless but worry about your large format documents? You’ve come to the right place! Global Document Services specializes in wide or large format scanning. This type of imaging allows you to edit or update your over size documents continuously, without the need to start from scratch. It also allows multiple collaborators to easily access to the drawings, maps or blueprints.

Large Format Scanning For Any Industry

Large format scanning is readily used by a variety of businesses. This type of scanning is not limited to architectural designs, however.  Allow us to help you with whatever type of large format document you may have.  These oversize documents can include:

  • Building Plans or Drawings
  • Manufactured Product Designs
  • Topographic Maps
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • Site Plans
  • Engineering Designs

Global Document Services can handle all of your large format scanning needs. We recommend that every business makes an effort to go paperless and make collaboration, editing, and storage so much easier!

How Do I Scan Large Format Documents To PDF?



Authorized Supplier

Pennsylvania COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program

This program provides a variety of choices to obtain goods and business services at exclusive, competitive rates only for COSTARS members.  With no need to hold a competitive bidding process, authorized suppliers like GDS have been throughly vetted and awarded contracts in their area of expertise.

We provide special COSTARS pricing and custom plans for projects under COSTARS-009-E23-103 – Graphic & Printing Services, Equipment and Supplies

Experience Counts!

With over 5 years of experience in scanning large format documentation, you can trust that Global Document Services will treat your drawings, maps or delicate wide format pages with the same care and accuracy that we have become known for! Our services are fully confidential and secure.

Security Practices

Scanning Oversize Documents Improves Access and Workflow

Our staff strives to make the scanned image even better than the original!  We only use the best scanners available to ensure that we’re providing the highest quality image. Our equipment is capable of capturing small details and enabling you to look more closely at parts that were previously difficult to make out.

Global Document Services’ staff are industry professionals that can handle any over-size document with the expertise and care that it requires. Whether your large format records are older and more delicate, perhaps a bit brittle, or simply folded and rolled for storage, we can help! We’re proud to provide our large format scanning services to manufacturers, engineering firms, real estate developers, city planners, utility companies, government agencies and many more!  At GDS, we make every effort to customize a document management solution that works for what your company needs.

Looking For Cloud Storage Too?

Once scanning has been completed, over-size documents are easily shareable and accessible! With the addition of a cloud storage solution, you can rest easy knowing that your vital data is safely archived.

Scanning + Cloud Storage

Save time and money with Large Format Document Scanning

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