Residential Shredding Service

Residential Shredding Service

Global Document Services Provides Mobile Shredding On Site Shredding for NJ Area Residents

We all know the dangers of information theft and misuse, and there’s no better time to consider the benefits of using a professional shredding company. Purging documents like tax records, contracts, invoices, bank statements and healthcare information on a monthly or yearly basis is a great practice, but many people have years and years of stored records to shred… far too much for a personal shredder to handle. Unfortunately, it’s common practice to toss these sensitive documents in the trash instead of disposing them securely, and sadly, this creates the perfect opportunity for information to be stolen or compromised.

Our Home Shredding Service Provides an Affordable and Reliable Alternative To Protect Against and Prevent Personal Information Theft and Misuse.

We’ll Send Our Mobile Shred Truck Right to Your Home!

Global Document Services offers the convenience of a shred truck that shreds all your paperwork right there at the curb or in your driveway. We provide the highest quality document shredding techniques so that your personal and sensitive information remains secure and confidential. With our home shredding service, you receive the same level of security and privacy that we offer to commercial level clients so that you never have to worry about the security of your personal documents. We are fully HIPAA compliant and guarantee your security.

Have only a box or two to shred? We suggest waiting until you have a minimum of 5-6 boxes to call for an appointment. Our shredding service is a flat rate price per 65-gallon bin and typically, that bin holds approximately that amount or 150-200lbs of material.

Whether you choose a one-time shredding purge or need regular destruction services, we make sure to give you the most advanced document shredding solutions. Our cross cut shredding process makes it incredibly difficult—if not impossible—to reassemble the tiny confetti-like shreds.

With our mobile shredding service its as simple as calling to schedule our shred technician to destroy your documents onsite, at your convenience. We schedule shredding appointments Monday through Friday and regularly offer weekend shred events in communities through the NJ area.

We Also Offer Commercial Shredding Services for Businesses and Professionals.

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How Does Mobile Shredding Work?


Paper Shredding Services Near Me ⋅ Mobile NJ Shredding ⋅ Bulk Document Destruction

Using a professional residential shredding company protects important documents. Personal identifying information is all too accessible in everything from junk mail to taxes and it’s not safe to just throw these documents away.

Global Document Services provides the home shredding service in an effort to make maintaining your privacy easy and affordable. Our shred technician handles all the heavy lifting and destroys documents right there in the shred truck, at your curb or driveway. The whole shredding appointment takes minutes! You may even choose to witness the shredding via a live feed on the side of the truck for peace of mind.


There are so many documents in your own home that contain sensitive material and information, and most likely don’t realize it. The threat is not just to paper documents, but also to other items such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and photographs. A general rule of thumb is to include anything with an account number of some sort, address, phone number, email address, legal/medical correspondence, and of course, your social security number.

Our New Jersey Residential shredding service is a great way to securely and conveniently destroy personal paperwork. With our convenient scheduling and competitive pricing, GDS is the easy choice when you need shredding services near you!

Some examples of shred material include:

  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Reports
  • Tax Records
  • Legal Documents and Correspondence
  • Computer Hard Drives
  • Items with Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and/or Email Addresses
  • Cancelled and Voided Checks
  • Account Records and Ledgers
  • ATM Receipts
  • Photographs
  • Credit Card bills


  • CDs and CD ROMs
  • USB Drives
  • Financial Records
  • Contracts
  • Pay Receipts
  • ID Cards and Badges
  • Credit Cards
  • DVDs
  • Maps and Blueprints
  • Medical Records and Correspondence
  • Expense Reports
  • Birth Certificates and Other Vital Records

Along with shredding at your home, we also offer shredding purges and regular shredding services for area businesses and professional offices. We can schedule one-time shredding purges, monthly or weekly shred bin services and routine onsite shredding, as you need it!


Businesses, Professional Offices and Residents in NJ and Philadelphia trust Global Document Services with their Document Destruction and Shredding Service Needs.


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