What Should I be Shredding?

What Should I be Shredding?

Identity theft runs rampant. From piles of junk mail to old receipts, there is more sensitive information than you think on the personal papers and documents you toss in the trash every day. Identity thieves need only the smallest bit of an account number or address to put you and your privacy at risk.

Here are a few examples of documents you should shred to prevent Identity Theft and keep your identity and private information secure:


Shredding Utility Bills

Along with your full address, name and contact information, old bills can provide thieves with access to your account and potentially give them your financial information. By simply shredding old bills and invoices, you take an important step in protecting your privacy.

Shredding Luggage Tags and Travel Documents

Though these are typically single-use items, the barcode information can include more than just your travel plans. Your frequent flier number, full name and sometimes even address can be deciphered by a simple scan and your private information is no longer secure.

Shredding Prescriptions

The information regarding drug strength, date of initial fill and full name and address may be used to refill he prescription without your consent.

Shredding Receipts

Unless you save your receipts for future tax purposes, these should always be shred. With varying degrees of personal information and sometimes even partial account or card numbers, receipts can be a gold mine of information for identity thieves. Even your signature can be used against you.

Shredding Resumes

Yes they list your relevant experience and professional accolades, but they also include your full name, phone number, email address, educational history, past employment and other personal information that makes it almost too easy for nefarious individuals.

Identity theft is all too common and keeping these documents from falling into the wrong hands can help you avoid it. Shredding personal information is necessary today and its an easy process to keep you and your information safe.

If you need regular shredding service or just a one-time shredding service, please reach out for a free shredding quote!