COVID is Causing a Paperless Trend in the Workplace

COVID is Causing a Paperless Trend in the Workplace

Why Document Scanning is a Good Idea for Companies Today

2020 is certainly a year of changes in companies across the US, and for traditionally paper-based businesses, operating remotely or “going paperless” through document scanning is especially difficult to navigate. Scanning a large volume of documents is certainly a daunting task, there’s more than one reason that it’s a task worth doing.

Document Scanning Promotes Collaboration

For example, law firms who may typically have teams of litigation professionals working on a single case, now must learn to do the same individually or while at home. When collaborating in this remote way, using paper files is quite simply impossible. By scanning legal records to PDF and storing these case files on a remotely accessible cloud, law firms retain fast and easy access to all documents.

Digitization Streamlines Organization and Gives Easy Access

File scanning is also a secure and collaborative way to update and add to each record in real-time. While this is especially useful now, it also makes tracking retention times, case file organization and access much easier and more reliable for future use. You can sort, label, and categorize the documents in any particular order to suit your business needs. If a case requires re-opening in three years, those legal records are right there when you need them, with no need to send someone down to storage or digging through hundreds of boxes.

Secure Scanning is Compliant and Protects Confidential Documents

Physical storage may be commonplace, but it’s far from the best option when it comes to document security. In today’s business world, paper is not only too cumbersome, but also too risky. Companies can easily lose, misplace or misfile documents and there’s also a huge risk of outside access or damage due to conditions like humidity or fire and even natural disaster. Digitizing documents for online storage means long-term SAFE storage that, when done correctly by a reputable scanning company, fully complies with HIPAA, FACTA and any other security regulations.

A worldwide pandemic is certainly one way to promote a more paperless way of doing business, but there are clear benefits to the transition, COVID related or otherwise.

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