How Can Mobile Shredding Save Money?

How Can Mobile Shredding Save Money?

Scheduling a shred truck to come to your home to shred documents is both a time-saver and cost effective for medium to large shredding projects. Mobile shredding allows for safe destruction that you can witness being done, right there at your curb or driveway.  Whether residential or commercial, mobile shredding may be the best option for you.

Convenience and peace of mind are the two major factors when using a professional mobile shredding service. Easy and transparent flat rate pricing means no surprises on the bill and often, regular shredding service includes additional benefits. Regular destruction services are an easy and affordable way to keep your business compliant and your personal information safe.

How Does Mobile Shredding Work?


Regular Shredding Service

Recurring shredding or regular shredding services involves placing secure bins at a business to be used and emptied on an on-going basis. Clients may use the secure slotted top to place and store papers in the bin for shredding, and a mobile shred truck can visit weekly or monthly to remove and shred the contents, as necessary. Regular shred service is a flat-rate cost per bin, regardless of weight, so the savings can add up very quickly when comparing drop-off shredding rates.

For reference, a single bin weighs about 300lbs when full, and a mobile shredding service usually costs about $130 for that bin. Drop off shredding can range from $0.85/lb up to $1.35/lb, depending on location, and many options do not allow for witnessing.

One-Time Shredding Purge

A one-time shredding service means everything is done in a single appointment. Working similar to a garbage truck, a mobile shred truck makes use of bins that are lifted up by the truck and emptied into the onboard shredder for destruction. During your appointment window, a shred technician arrives to your home or office with the necessary bin, and helps to load the documents in. They then wheel it out to the truck, the truck lifts the bin and empties the contents, and then shreds at a rate of about 6 minutes per bin.

A one-time shredding purge is a quick and convenient process that also offers flat-rate pricing to ensure cost effectiveness. For a one-time purge, the first bin costs roughly $130.00 regardless of weight and additional bins cost less.

With both services, a free Certificate of Destruction is provided to ensure and prove compliancy with privacy laws.

A mobile shredding service drastically cuts down the time necessary to shred confidential documents from hours to mere minutes.

Rather than shredding yourself, or wasting valuable employee time, you just need a quick break to shred everything in a more professional and secure way. And if you need regularly-scheduled shredding, it gets even easier.

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