Hard Drive Shredding – Multimedia Destruction

Hard Drive Shredding – Multimedia Destruction

Your computer hard drive has the potential to hold more data than any physical filing system you can imagine. Due to this, destroying hard drives is incredibly important. Although you may think that simply deleting files off of your computer erases them forever, that is not the case. Anyone can retrieve personal information from your hard drive by simply reformatting the software or through more advanced, manual techniques.

Only Complete Physical Destruction Ensures the Data on a Hard Drive is 100% Santized

After each hard drive destruction service, we offer a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material was securely destroyed. Along with peace of mind, a Certificate of Destruction protects you and your business, proving that the destruction is compliant with privacy laws.

If you have a hard drive that contains private information that you want to dispose of, contact Global Document Services and let us dispose of it for you!

Proper Hard Drive Disposal

Electronic information is covered by the HIPAA and FACTA privacy laws, but individual's and businesses should still take care in their manner of hard drive disposal. When retiring your hard drive, it is important to make sure your private information is not at risk of being stolen. Second-hand hard drives are often bought for the sole reason of retrieving personal information. Simply reformatting your hard drive will not be enough to stop experienced cyber criminals and experts from retrieving your data.

What Is A Certificate of Destruction?

Why choose Global Document Services for hard drive destruction?

GDS applies the same state-of-the-art security protocols for hard drive destruction as we do for document destruction. Our employees and processes ensure safe and secure destruction of your media.

  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups or on-site shredding service
  • secure chain of custody from start to finish
  • Certificate of Hard Drive Destruction offered after each service
  • Resulting material is securely recycled

Recycling Your Hard Drive

In compliance with EPA and hazardous waste regulations, your hard drive will be destroyed and then we will recycle the remaining raw materials. Allow us to make sure your private information is secure while helping the environment.

Our Shred Level Standard

If the idea of hard drive shredding is brand new to you and you would like more information or you’re sure you want to have your hard drive shredded and are looking for a price, fill out the form below or call us directly at (800) 472-9716.