Document Indexing Services

Document Indexing Services

One of the most important parts of document management is indexing your documents. After scanning thousands of pages, you need to be able to retrieve information efficiently. Document indexing is the process of tagging a file  to enable on demand retrieval. Indexing compiles data in a logical structure so you can easily locate information.

We index your documents with great care do that your files are easily navigable. Missing and incorrect data is very costly when a documents can’t be found and our expert process ensures that our indexing is done correctly. In order to efficiently accomplish this, we use a number of methods, including barcodes, OCR/ICR, keying, and manual.

Document Scanning & Management Services - Indexing


Approved Federal Government Contractor

After undergoing the extensive vetting process through the GSA, Global Document Services commits to utilizing GSA Schedule contracts in order to build successful solutions for government clients.

We provide special government pricing and custom plans for projects under GSA Schedule contract #47QSMS24D006Y

Global Document Services Leads In The Industry

Our document scanning specialists are highly-trained and use industry leading capture software to automate much of the process.

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Authorized Supplier

Pennsylvania COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program

This program provides a variety of choices to obtain goods and business services at exclusive, competitive rates only for COSTARS members.  With no need to hold a competitive bidding process, authorized suppliers like GDS have been throughly vetted and awarded contracts in their area of expertise.

We provide special COSTARS pricing and custom plans for projects under COSTARS-009-E23-103 – Graphic & Printing Services, Equipment and Supplies


By utilizing a multi-step verification process, we are able to index documents with astounding accuracy for clients all over the United States.

Some of the types of records that we index are:

      • Human resource records
      • Accounts payable records
      • Land records
      • Medical records
      • Large format drawings
      • and more

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