Certificate of Destruction

Certificate of Destruction

Easily Comply with State and Federal Privacy Guidelines

A Certificate of Destruction is a formal and written statement that notes the steps that the shredding company takes in the document disposal process. This essentially guarantees proper document destruction. A Certificate of Destruction is a great way to know if the shredding company you’ve chosen is taking steps that are up to industry standards.

The Certificate of Destruction is protection for you and your company


For instance, if the documents in question were ever to resurface, by possessing that Certificate, you can prove that you went through the proper steps of disposal. Additionally, this certificate can build confidence between you and your clients. It shows that you take their privacy seriously and execute all of the necessary measures of keeping their information protected.

What Components are in a Certificate of Destruction?

  • A unique, serial transaction number that you may use in an audit trial
  • A transfer of custody that declares that the client officially turned over materials for destruction at a specific time and location.
  • A reference to the terms, conditions, and policies, of a company, agreed on between them and the client.
  • Confirmation that the company accepts that all materials as private and confidential and will remain as such.
  • The date of acceptance of the information as well as the date of destruction
  • The location where the documents were destroyed
  • The name of a witness to the destruction process



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