Remote Learning – Scanning School Records to Save Space, Time and Money

Remote Learning – Scanning School Records to Save Space, Time and Money

Digital vs. Paper School Records

With schools across the country beginning the 2020-2021 academic year remotely, many are taking the opportunity to look into scanning or converting educational records to digital. Managing files digitally with scanning services for school records is simply the easier option.

An Average School Uses 2000 Sheets of Paper Per Day

Much of that large number is comprised of student transcripts, HR files and registration, admissions or schedule related documents.  If schools were to scan all these educational documents instead, they could share, edit, distribute, and collaborate on records more productively and efficiently. Digital documents consistently save money, time and space when compared to a paper-based system.

Physical paper copies have a recurring cost that can add up quickly when each piece of paper costs about $0.05.  Scanning education records has a one-time cost of roughly $0.08 – $0.12 per page and removes the need to copy and produce more paper in the future. Digital education files are easy to add to, update or modify while maintaining the security and safety of these personal records.

Some examples of education files that would benefit

from school records scanning include:


  • student transcripts
  • personnel files and faculty record
  • student medical records
  • student yearbooks and newspapers
  • AP records
  • financial aid applications and files
  • special education files
  • class schedules
  • admissions files
  • student registration documents


Scan School Records to Improve Workflow and Increase Productivity

Free Up Physical Space!

Using small digital hard drives to store millions of pages of school records means getting rid of large filing cabinets that can hold the same, but take up entire rooms of space.

Quickly Access Records Easily!

Finding a single student record among thousands can be a massive headache, even for alphabetized paper records! When you choose to scan student records, they’re accessible in seconds with a few simple keystrokes.

Control Versions and Duplicates!

Electronic education records allow for continuous editing, distribution and updating, all within a single version. This keeps records from becoming inaccurate and maintains proper organization.


Scanning Educational Records Securely: FERPA Compliance

Per, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. If schools are not storing student records properly, they risk legal action from record loss or insecure sharing.

With digital school records, sharing can be done using password protection and proper encryption, and secure digital storage platforms makes loss of those records almost impossible.


If you are a school or educational institution, and looking to convert your school records to digital, please give us a call today!  Global Document Services is the best choice for scanning educational files and we’d be happy to help you today.

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