A Guide to Mobile Shred Truck Paper Shredding Services

A Guide to Mobile Shred Truck Paper Shredding Services


Mobile Shred Trucks provide mobile, on-site shredding services for residential and commercial purposes. When personally witnessing shredding is necessary for your documents, a shred truck equipped with an industrial shredder is sent to your house or business, at your convenience. This means secure paper shredding can be done right at your curb, parking lot or in your driveway, on your schedule!

How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost?

Scheduling a mobile shred truck to come your location usually begins at $125.00 for up to the first 300 or so pounds. Shred trucks are similar to garbage trucks and usually use 65 or 95-gallon bins to measure and load paper. If the initial minimum for shredding paper is exceeded, rates for additional bins tend to be less.

How Does a Shredding Truck Work?

  1. First, the driver wheels the paper shredding bin out to the curb or parking lot where the shred truck is waiting and places it into position.
  2. To avoid needless heavy lifting, the driver controls an automatic grip system that secures and lifts the bin like a garbage truck would, and the material within empties into the shredder’s hopper on-board the shred truck. This means that the driver does not need to open the bin at all, providing for more of a secure shredding process.
  3. When the hopper is full or all material is on-board, the documents are run through the truck’s powerful shredder that rips, pierces and tears the paper until small enough to fit through the size-adjustable filter.
  4. After the bits of paper are made small enough, the rotor spins and pushes them to the cargo part of the shred truck where shreds mix and compact with each other until the truck is full. The shred bales themselves are recyclable at this point and disposal is the last step.

Looking for a Mobile Shredding Company Near You?

Using mobile shred trucks to handle regularly scheduled shredding or as a one-time shredding purge is the safest and most efficient way to shred paper. Larger volume shredding projects enjoy a cost-effective shredding option while maintaining full security of the paper shredding process and smaller projects enjoy convenient document destruction at an affordable price.

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