Residential Paper Shredding at Home – Benefits to Using a Home Shredding Service

Residential Paper Shredding at Home – Benefits to Using a Home Shredding Service

Do you have piles of old mail, medical or legal paperwork and old tax records?

With identity theft on the rise, its more important than ever to ensure your personal paperwork is disposed of securely.  A professional residential document shredding service may be useful to you for your next paper shredding project. With many home shredding companies, a mobile shredding truck that comes to your house can help lessen the burden of shredding a large amount of sensitive documents, in an affordable way.


Why Use a Professional Home Shredding Service?

If you own a personal shredder and have ever attempted shredding your own documents at home, you understand the headaches that can come with it. Constantly emptying the paper bin and fixing jams in the paper shredder along with the hours shredding takes can be frustrating.

Saving time by hiring a professional shredding company is just one of the advantages. The industrial shredding equipment these companies use can accomplish in minutes what may take you hours at home. Additionally, professional document shredders come with a level of shredding security that at-home shredders typically don’t have access to. Once your material is securely destroyed, the shredding service usually bales multiple shreds together before recycling, minimizing the risk of document reconstruction.


What Should You Shred?

Residential paper shredding services provide a great way to safely dispose of old files that may contain sensitive or personal information. Bank statements, rental agreements, cash or credit card receipts, even junk mail should be shred to make sure you’re not risking your PII or Personal Identifying Information. Old licenses, void checks, credit card bills or legal documents provide easy access to your private life by unsavory characters. Most importantly, any document containing your social security number should always be shred before disposal.



As with most things, cost is a concern when hiring a company to shred your documents for you. As a responsible consumer, you need to be sure that its a cost effective solution for you. In most situations, shredding providers offer a choice between a few pricing options for shredding. These can be a rate per box, pricing based on overall weight or simply an hourly rate.  Many residential paper shredding companies do have hidden costs like fuel surcharges or travel fees on top of shredding costs though, so just be aware of the fine print.


Document Shredding Preparation

Remember to go through your files one last time before you hand them over! Your shredding service of choice, by principle hopefully, will not go through your documents before shredding. It’s worth the extra effort to make sure that you’re not shredding important papers that you may need later. A nice benefit of using a professional shredding service is that you don’t need to remove clips, staples or folders! Industrial shredders will simply shred those with the rest, just as easily, meaning less work for you!


“The 2018 Identity Fraud Study released by Javelin Strategy & Research determined that 16.7 million people in the U.S. were victims of identity theft in 2017, up from 15.4 million in 2017, with $16.8 billion total stolen.” –


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