Transitioning to a Remote Workspace

Transitioning to a Remote Workspace

Document Scanning and Working Remotely

Now more than ever companies are turning to digital platforms and solutions in order to continue providing their clients with the best care and service. However, scanning and converting hundreds or thousands of important documents without the staff available or equipment necessary can be very complex. A professional scanning company can offer you affordable solutions that help you navigate working remotely easily!

Scanning files simplifies accessing records off-site, as well as collaborating with coworkers remotely. This allows your office to function more productively during this unprecedented time. A professional digitization process guarantees safe and secure handling, along with digital conversion and many companies also offer destruction of original files after scanning. Additionally, Optical Character Recognition is useful by introducing real-time digital edit capability to all files. This means your employees can access documents they need from your chosen secure cloud storage platform, digitally edit files as necessary, and instantly update it for anyone else involved. As a result, you have smooth and accurate information sharing, all done remotely!

Where Do I Start?

The best way to ensure a smooth transition to a remote workspace is to maximize organization. This prevents confusion when locating necessary files on a digital platform and creates an easily spent learning curve. If physical storage is in boxes or cabinets, using folders or tabs to separate individual files for scanning ensures that the operator places all pages into their proper locations. Labeling is also key for a navigable digital storage system. Clear and concise lettering that indicates the contents or nature of the file makes keyword searching much more beneficial when attempting to find a file.

Basic organization of original files is really the only requirement for a smooth transition. A professional scanning company will handle the rest! Software available today can almost always improve upon typical office practices and can even save you time and money! Yes, there are different security issues to consider when switching to a digital storage platform, but it also brings peace of mind when it comes to accidental loss or misfiling. Plus, getting rid of the large boxes or cabinets full of old files and converting them for easy access means freed up space! Best of all, no pricey physical storage fees!

Remote work is just one reason to transition to digital storage, but it is the most relevant one for companies today.

If you need help making that transition, call Global Document Services! We pride ourselves on professional and affordable solutions for companies of all sizes. Scanning medical records, legal scanning and business records scanning is what we do and we do it with the best prices and customer service.


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