Common Questions About Document Scanning Services

Common Questions About Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Questions  – Answered!


Digital storage options and file scanning practices are now popular decisions in the business world.

Professional records management companies are ready to guide potential clients to the best solution while answering many of the document scanning questions below.


Why Is It So Important to Scan Our Company Records?

Scanning company documents provides peace of mind and better access to your information. Digital filing systems are an excellent long-term solution to keep your office free of clutter Converting your files to PDF protects them from loss or accidental damage in the future.

How Should I Prepare for My Document Scanning Project?

Organization is key! Our skillful document scanning specialists mimic your filing system and provide you with a digital copy of your files. No need to remove clips and staples though, we’ll remove them for you, free of charge!


Can I Scan Large Amounts of Documents?

Yes! We specialize in large imaging projects and have a current scanning volume of just over a million documents per month. We can help you with your transition to a new paperless system or with scanning a backlog of older files to an existing digital filing system.


What File Format are the Documents Scanned To?

Our professional scanning service provides you with high quality images of your files. GDS staff process the images using OCR technology and converts each document to a searchable PDF format. We deliver your new digital files to you via USB flash drive, hard drive or CD/DVD, upon request. We also offer download links to files from our secure online storage database.


What Is OCR?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition, is a process we apply to scan files to recognize and convert found text to an editable field. This means you can update PDF files digitally in the future and enables the document itself to be searchable.


What Should I Scan?

physical filesCompanies as well as individuals should scan any important documents that contain information necessary for business or personal use. Digitizing documents prevents damage or loss of the paper files and makes them much more accessible as well. Legal file scanning, medical records scanning and digitizing business or personal records is the most efficient way to store files, long-term. Save space and time by scanning your important documents to searchable PDF format.


Can I Scan Non-Standard Size Documents?

Yes! Our top-of-the-line digital archiving equipment can handle anything from scanning receipts and checks to imaging blueprints or digitizing larger maps. All of the scans we process produce a high-quality image of at least 300 DPI.


What Happens to Original Files After Scanning?

paper shredding companyWe offer complete document management services which means we can either return the original files to you, or we can shred them securely after receiving approval from you or your organization. Our shredding service is fully HIPAA compliant and we back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Where Do I Store Electronic Documents After Scanning?

Typically, we provide each client with a USB flash drive or hard drive containing all PDF files that we produce for you. Those files can simply remain there, you may move them to your personal or company computers, or upload them to a cloud storage system. Additionally, Global Document Services can offer secure online records storage at a separate monthly rate. We require no commitment or contract with this additional service.


Does Global Document Services Offer Customizable Document Scanning Solutions?

Yes, we do. Global Document Services offers customizable document scanning and imaging solutions and we tailor them specifically to your organization’s needs. Whether you are a small business, needing to scan special architectural plans or a large company in need of a large-scale digitizing solution, Global Document Services can help.




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