Shredding Bins: How Pre-Scheduled Shredding Services Can Help Your Business

Shredding Bins: How Pre-Scheduled Shredding Services Can Help Your Business

Every document that comes across a professional’s desk has a use-by date, and instead of just throwing sensitive client, employee, and other business information in the trash for anyone to find, paper shredding offers you peace of mind. Document shredding services help businesses and office professionals keep their confidential information secure.

Offices in the legal, medical or financial field may produce hundreds or thousands of documents a week that require shredding, while other smaller companies may produce less, but the need for secure paper destruction remains the same. If your business falls into either category, consider scheduling regular shredding services by way of shredding bins placed in your office(s).  The convenience, affordability and guaranteed document security make it well worth the effort!


What Is a Secure Shredding Bin?

Pre-Scheduling your Shred Bin Service involves placement of lockable bins that hold documents waiting to be shred, safely and securely. When you sign up for ongoing document shredding services, our friendly Shred Technician will provide attractive Executive Shredding Consoles to place around your office. These bins will securely house your office paperwork between service calls.

Depending on your office’s workflow and how often you accumulate paper that needs shredding, you may choose to have several bins throughout your office.

Day-to-day, you simply place the documents for shredding in your bins where they await secure destruction and disposal. Usually, we recommend scheduling Emptying Services once per month, but can also accommodate bi-monthly or weekly, if that is your preference. Our technician stops by on your day of choice to pick up the contents, shred the documents securely, and replace the empty bins in your office, ready to fill again for the next service call.


Don’t Produce Enough Documents for Regular Shredding Service?

Shredding bins and regular shredding services are quite useful to companies that accumulate confidential paperwork quickly. If your business still produces large volumes of documents that need shredding, but perhaps not as consistently, one-time shredding service options are also available.


Need More Information on Regular Shredding Bin Service?  Reach out to us below and our Team Will Be in Touch to Discuss Your Best Options. We Always Offer Free Shredding Estimates!