Implementing EMR In A Medical Office… Now What?

Implementing EMR In A Medical Office… Now What?

The decision to use EMR software in a modern medical office is an easy one. How should you navigate converting old medical records?


EMRS are much more than just a replacement for paper medical records. Digitally storing and updating patient information makes communication and coordination infinitely more manageable for a medical team. Documenting medical history, various test results and treatment plans is now easier and helps to aid in promoting the best possible care.

But what about all the paper records from the patient’s past medical appointments? And how do I scan paper medical records and store them in an EMR?

While keeping some day-t0-day paper records and scanning them into EMR in-house is doable, large volume medical records scanning is a job for the professionals.  Patient charts can be length files and practices can have hundreds of records and hundreds of thousands of pages across all files. High-volume scanning is difficult to navigate for general medical practices who simply don’t have the staff available for such a large-scale task. Enter professional medical records scanning companies.

Scanning Old Patient Records for EMR Storage

A professional records conversion company takes medical records and scans individual records for each patient, providing a PDF file or files for each record or subcategory. Scanning medical charts is a completely customizable process. From start to finish, you are in charge of the scanning process and can use the indexing that works best for your practice.

The other benefit to hiring a medical chart scanning company is the addition of OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, to PDF files.

OCR processing converts PDF scans from an image to searchable text and this makes locating specific information for a patient just a few keystrokes away.  Creating searchable patient charts only increases the efficiency of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals when it comes to treating clients, and we know that elevating your patient care is always the number one priority.

Does your office need help converting old patient charts for EMR?