3 Benefits of Switching From Paper to Electronic Medical Records

3 Benefits of Switching From Paper to Electronic Medical Records

Medical practices nationwide are finally going digital. In recent years, the percentage of offices switching to EMR/EHR software is up to over 60%! Although the medical industry has been slower than most to switch to digital file management, the benefits are great and the process is worth it. Research is key when it comes to switching from paper to electronic medical records.


The Concerns of Switching From Paper to Electronic Medical Records

Hesitation is understandable. The task of converting all your paper records to electronic files is massive and can be a long and costly process. That, along with the transition to a new way of handling patient records and information is a huge challenge for many providers and their staff. Security and HIPPA compliance have also been major concerns with cloud storage options. With the right research and software, there are many more benefits to digital document management.

The Benefits

No More Paper

We’ve all been in the doctor’s office with the back room full of shelves or filing cabinets full of patient folders and charts.   Health care regulations make keeping those charts on file for years and all they do is take up space. By converting these medical charts to digital files, you can reduce office clutter. Additionally, with EMR software, you have a new and improved way of keeping track of all that patient information, and can access it easily.

Cost Effective

Although switching from paper to EMR software can be an initial expense, the long term costs of maintaining paper files are much higher. Keeping the staff on hand to manage and maintain paper charts and paying for the extra storage necessary is expensive. Furthermore, digital files are immediately accessible and do not have any fees for pulling and refiling charts.

Better Risk Assessment

Many EMR softwares now offer the ability to track patient’s issues easily and marking potential risks. With the additional information, you as a healthcare provider can improve your processes and help your patients more effectively. With system checks in place to make sure information is complete and accurate, providers are safe from harmful mistakes.

Additionally, digital patient records are more secure than their paper counterparts and harder to steal.

Take a look at the infographic below for more information on switching from paper to electronic medical records! Find out how switching to an EMR or EHR system can improve your practice.



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