10 More Reasons to Make the Switch and Go Paperless!

  It seems that on a daily basis, when considering reasons to going paperless, the benefits continue to add up. Whether you are a small business, looking to become more organized and intuitive, or a larger business making a full office switch, you’ll most definitely reap the unending rewards to your decision.   Let’s review […]

Document Scanning Facts and Myths

Before you embark on this paperless journey, it’s important to consider all the document scanning facts. Understanding these vs. fiction, can make all the difference in the process saving you and your company money. Here are a few misconceptions about the document scanning process: One: Outsourcing Your Document Scanning Is Costly   Actually, the opposite […]

What is OCR?

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is recognizing and converting images to editable text. This is very useful for those looking to go paperless as it means the scans can remain useable while taking up less physical space. OCR software is also useful in other areas like assistive technology for the blind. It is also useful […]