Professional Records Redaction

Professional Records Redaction

Redacting Sensitive Information From Private Records

An area where records redaction is commonly necessary is in electronic health records or electronic medical records.  HIPAA laws protect private information and as such, the people that handle this data must do so as well. When medical professionals share patient charts with other healthcare workers or offices, the patient should feel safe knowing that their information remains private. Professional redaction of health records ensures this for those individuals.


Redaction usually applies to thousands of documents and pages. Outsourcing the process to a company that specializes in redaction service is the best solution!

Professional and Affordable Redaction!

Global Document Services ensures the security and protection of your sensitive documents and we're proud to be a fully HIPAA compliant redaction company. Each redaction quote we generate is custom fit to our clients and their needs. Our pricing is transparent and affordable! All redaction is completed in-house by GDS employees.


Professional Redaction Service by Global Document Services


physical filesPolice Records Redaction

The law requires law enforcement agencies to provide information the public has the right to know, but also to withhold certain information that may  jeopardize an individual’s right to privacy. Police records redaction is done to remove personal information from the documents prior to their public release.

Sheriff’s Department Records Redaction

Public Records Officers  and their staff are responsible for maintaining all department records. This includes redacting confidential information from law enforcement records before granting a records request.

FOIA Redaction Service

When a government agency receives an FOIA request, it’s that agency’s responsibility to search for and review the records before release. GDS takes the list of confidential information from the agency, flags each field necessary, and ensures complete redaction  for the FOIA request.

Bank Records Redaction

A subpoena or request for bank records is common, and personal information must always be protected. The process of redacting bank statements reduces the sensitive information at risk of compromise.

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