Document Redaction Service – Redaction of Bank Records

Document Redaction Service – Redaction of Bank Records

Redacting Bank Records

redaction serviceState law dictates what information requires redaction from publicly accessible documents. When redacting bank records, there is a lot of information to protect from the public eye. Financial Institutions are responsible for complying with public disclosure laws and keeping client information safe. When releasing bank records or financial reports, certain identifiable information such as names, account numbers and social security numbers. bank records can be lengthy files and the fields requiring redaction are especially numerous. Using a professional redaction service to redact bank records is efficient and ensures accuracy.

Choose Global Document Services to help with Redacting Bank Records or Financial Reports

Why use our Redaction Services for Bank Records?

Trusting private information to anyone can be difficult, and choosing the right company for your bank records redaction service is important. Global Document Services maintains complete security and protection of your sensitive documents and information and we're proud to be a fully HIPAA compliant redaction company.


At Global Document Services, we:

      • are a secure and HIPAA- compliant facility
      • have screened employees and video monitored production areas
      • eliminate all metadata from documents
      • use industry standard software in our process
      • will scan in your non-digitized files, if needed

Inaccurate document redaction services can be a costly mistake for any financial institution. There are a few processes that on the surface may look like redaction, but are easily reversible. This results in the exposure of sensitive information and a risk of financial loss. For this reason, using a reliable, redaction company with professional software, is a must.

Redacting Bank Statements


After scanning the bank statements in, our software looks for clues in each PDF file, flagging the sensitive information for review. The clues used by the software are based on a strictly tested rule set and configured by a sample of each financial document. After a review of the redaction fields, our staff is able to then approve or deny each one. Following this, each redaction is permanently applied to a copy of the document and both files are securely stored. This gives our clients the files in both redacted and non-redacted states which allows them full control over their privacy.

What Should Be Redacted?

Bank records and financial reports contain contain a lot of personal information that should be redacted before distribution. Account numbers, membership information and certain transactions may be flagged for removal prior to release.


  • Drivers’ license numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Names of minors
  • Law enforcement names
  • Defendant names
  • Maiden names

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