Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print Solutions

Global Document Services and Xerox Print Solutions

Xerox AltaLink C8000 Series

No matter the size of your business, Global Document Services and Xerox have the perfect machine for you. We’ll work with you to create a specific package that improves your workflow and efficiency. Our goal is to strengthen your document security and accelerate your time-to-market of digital and print materials. Global Document Services’ managed print solutions are completely customize-able to you!

GDS is proud to be a Xerox Sales Partner!

We look forward to being a leading provider of the best possible solutions available for all your copy and print needs! With a variety of the best machines on the market, its our mission to customize an AFFORDABLE deal that works for you. We recognize the struggle of cost vs gain and you can rest easy knowing that we will make sure our plan works perfectly for your company.


Managed Print Solutions and Services

Keeping your print processes cost efficient AND secure just got easier. With the introduction of the Xerox Print Manager Secure Suite, print management is second nature!  Understanding your full office print environment means knowing where you excel and where Xerox can help you grow. Whether it be improvements that are cost-based or the introduction of new technology to streamline your overall workflow, Xerox provides you with the best and most effective document workflow assessment in the business.

The Process

  1. Analysis – Looking at your overall print practices to understand how your office makes, controls and prints its paper.  Our Xerox Certified Advisors can tell you which machines are costing you the most and make recommendations for a more cost-effective solution. Additionally, we use tools to help increase productivity by categorizing jobs for the right printer.
  2. Execution – We’ll work directly with your office to ensure that the install and set-up happens on your terms and on your schedule. Our advisers and techs will be there with you to plan everything and avoid disruption in your day-to-day.
  3. Improve Efficiency – With Xerox Managed Print Solutions, we are always improving your print environment, giving you a constant edge. Our advisers will stay on top of your workflow with meetings and off-site monitoring of all your equipment. This ongoing service provides you with information you need to plan and manage costs and it constantly improves your efficiency.

Projected Costs You Can Count On

Accuracy always saves time and in the case of Xerox Managed Print Services, it saves you money too!

Xerox analytics software can follow your specific print practices and usage patterns to predict when and what your machines require. This is done BEFORE they need it and makes stock rooms full of “emergency” stock obsolete because your supplies will be ordered and received BEFORE you need them! This allows you to be budget and plan for these expenses, properly and accurately.

Our management tools detect problems with your copier BEFORE you know it’s down and our phone support line can usually fix the smaller issues, fast. As a result, you’ll know when these problems happen, and it makes for happier machines in the long run.

Your IT department should be helping your business function well. Let us handle your print-related issues with ease and minimal interruption.