Records Scanning and Archiving Documents is Important for your Business

Records Scanning and Archiving Documents is Important for your Business

Having a paperless office by digitizing large quantities of documents is a common practice today. Using a records scanning service is an easy way to store and protect important information.

Scanning business records or digitizing employee files ensures that those documents remain safely accessible for years to come.  Without this backup of company records, the risk of loss, damage or theft is too great to ignore.  With a conversion to digital records, you have a failsafe in place, preventing a future problem.

Once records scanning is complete and copies are safe on cloud accounts or other methods of electronic records storage, the original files may be shred securely to keep your office free of paper clutter.

When you or an employee need a certain record, it’s a simple process to locate and acquire it with just a few simple keystrokes into a search bar.  Combing through hundreds of boxes to locate an older file with pertinent information is a thing of the past thanks to records scanning processes.

Maintaining records also becomes easier when it’s done digitally. Indexing and file naming makes access to allow changing and updating these files much less cumbersome.

Additionally, you have the option of digitally enhancing old paperwork and fading text within the scanning process. Using PDF format allows for manipulation of the scans to zoom into a smaller area, allowing details to be seen more easily.

Need help with your business records conversion or curious about document scanning cost?

Hiring a professional document scanning company and professional staff can make going paperless easy and affordable for your business.  Global Document Services is a leading provider of business document scanning, indexing service and secure document shredding. Our business records scanning service always includes OCR to make your PDF files searchable.  OCR processing allows you to edit scanned files whenever necessary as well as redact private information from them, should the need arise.


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