Document Scanning to Improve Your Bottom Line

Document Scanning to Improve Your Bottom Line

However you currently store and manage your records now, there is always room to adapt and improve to save money. Document Scanning is an excellent way to improve your practices in many ways, but most importantly, it cuts costs across the board on alternative paper practices. With low-costs up front, it makes for an even better decision, long-term.


On average, a typical scanned page costs anywhere from $0.05 to $0.12. However, the factors that go into a pricing decision are numerous and can include page size, condition and total page volume as well.

The most common form of storing documents in traditional storage, is in a Bankers box. These boxes are about the size of a copy paper box and can store between 2000 and 3000 standard pages. Of course this amount varies based on the contents and how full the boxes are, but it allows for a good base on which to build an accurate estimate.


Most commonly, companies store documents within file folders or binders and label them. This allows for usability and promote ease of access. Instead of physically locating files, type the label into a search window and the file instantly appears! When records are stored traditionally for sometimes years, that “ease of access” filing system becomes cumbersome and time consuming quickly.

With document scanning, you can get your wasted time back and still have access to every file, on demand. Additionally, with software available currently, the folders themselves can become searchable. Large files with many cases or records are searchable using keywords that allow for information to be found with a few clicks. Traditional storage takes up massive amounts of space and switching to digital has never been easier, more efficient!



Of course, business, financial, and medical records almost always contain sensitive information that needs protection. With traditional paper files, employees can easily lose or misfile documents and if you store off-site, you must trust someone else to keep you compliant with retention laws. Document Scanning allows you to control this necessary security. Copies are easily made on multiple offline platforms or document management system software is an option to help automate and track schedules. Cloud storage is also a great solution to digitally store files and is completely customizable to suit your needs.

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