3 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Digitize Their Client Information

3 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Digitize Their Client Information

The information and documentation that lawyers obtain is vital for building a case. Facts and evidence that lawyers collect are an invaluable necessity and could mean the difference between proving whether someone is guilty or innocent. There are numerous amounts of paper and documents that lawyers and legal teams are required to review, and this can be an extremely time-consuming, tedious, and frustrating process.

At Global Document Services, we help lawyers streamline productivity by digitizing paper documents through our digital scanning services. While key information is substantial for a case, productivity is affected when you’re forced to spend precious time sorting through endless amounts of documents to find what you’re looking for. By switching to digitization, you’ll find the following benefits will not only increase productivity, but could help determine the outcome of a case.

Easily Search E-Discovery
When electronic data is searched, located, and secured with the intention of using it as evidence in a case, this is referred to as e-discovery, or electronic discovery. These findings are used in a criminal or civil legal case and are crucial for determining innocence or guilt. By digitizing these findings, you can retrieve them as needed. At Global Document Services, digitized documents are searchable, so you can locate particular information without having to sort through each document.

Your Files Can be Saved in Multiple Formats
Our document scanning services allow you do digitize files and save them to multiple formats. This is especially convenient for lawyers, as they can pass on converted documents to colleagues and other authorized personnel. You can store digital documents on our secure cloud service, as well as other formats shown below:


You’ll Save on Paper Costs
There’s no questioning the amount of paperwork that accumulates over the duration of a case. Not only do lawyers and legal teams have to collect information, but they are required to safely and securely store them as well. The amount of space dedicated to physical document storage is unimaginable and extremely costly. Digitizing documents will serve your budget much better than traditional paper files.

Reviewing hundreds of documents is a labor-intensive process that lawyers and legal teams must complete. Luckily, here at Global Document Services, we offer bulk scanning services for those with an immense amount of paperwork. Once digitized, lawyers can easily access and search for specific and relevant documents. For more information on litigation scanning, please continue to browse our website or contact us directly at 888-460-5213.

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