Businesses Going Paperless Find Benefits in This Cost-Effective Strategy

Businesses Going Paperless Find Benefits in This Cost-Effective Strategy

As more and more companies take a paperless approach, they reap the cost-saving benefits of this advantageous business strategy. If you would like to eliminate monthly storage costs, consider enlisting the scanning services from Global Document Services. As the leading document scanning service provider across the nation, we are 100% HIPAA and FACTA compliant to ensure your sensitive documents are safely and discreetly handled.

If you would like to learn more about the cost-saving benefits of going paperless, read below:

Office Supplies

Every business owner knows how much overhead is required to maintain sufficient workflow. Aside from equipment, technology, and furniture, there are a lot of expenses that also go into basic office supplies. Whether your business utilizes paper to keep a record of its progress, financial statements, employee information, or other accounts, the need for supplies is endless. Not only do you need paper, but you also need writing utensils, ink, toner, staples, paper clips, folders, and binders. By safely securing your client and employee information online, you can avoid the unnecessary expenses involved with the use of paper.

Physical Space

To safely store documents, you need to invest in multiple storage options. Not only do filing cabinets take up much-needed space, but they also take a toll on your wallet. These massive storage units can be costly, especially if you have a larger business that utilizes a lot of paper documents. To maximize the space in your office, and to minimize the cost of physical storage, digitize your records to save your business a significant amount of money.


When you own a business, ensuring client and employee information is safely and securely stored away is incredibly important. Costs can add up as extra security measures are required to protect private or sensitive documents. With many companies switching to online document storage, not only do they save money on storage solutions, but they also avoid the perils of a compliance discrepancy. There are many cybersecurity options for data encryption and password protection, which is why online document storage is highly recommended over paper records.

To eliminate the countless expenses associated with paper, turn to scanning services from Global Document Services. Our certified team members are well-trained in their craft and held by confidentiality agreements, so you can rest assured that your sensitive documents are in safe hands. Not only is our facility fully-insured, but we take extra security measures with 24/7 monitoring. To learn more about our services, please give us a call today at (800) 472-9716. For further inquiries, you may fill out our online contact form.

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