Top 5 Benefits to Digitizing Your Documents

Top 5 Benefits to Digitizing Your Documents

When you’ve relied on paper documents for so long, it can be difficult to make the switch to digital. What some companies don’t realize is that digitizing documents is for more than convenience. It offers incredible benefits that allows your business to be more stable, more secure and more successful.

If you have been unsure about scanning your documents, now is a great time to review the advantages and make the switch. Consider these five benefits.

  1. Improved Security

Your internal documents probably contain sensitive information such as customer contact information or employee social security numbers. Filing these papers isn’t enough to keep wandering eyes away. Fortunately, digitizing sensitive documents is most secure and allows you to meet all confidentiality laws. Additionally, you can restrict access to certain individuals as well as beef up security using passwords and data encryption.

  1. More Office Space

If you’re running low on office space, moving documents to the cloud will preserve this space. In fact, you may be able to downsize the office and save money. Paper documents consume territory because they require file cabinets, file folders and more. On the other hand, one server can handle thousands of files. Imagine how much more organized your office could be by removing paper clutter!

  1. Increased Productivity

An overlooked benefit of digitizing documents is productivity. Scanning documents streamlines tasks around the workplace. Files can be uploaded and retrieved quickly without having to leave your desk. Collaboration is also made easy, as multiple people can work off one digital document. Using advanced workflow capabilities, you can take things a step further and track where the documents are and progress made.

  1. Better Disaster Recovery

Fires, floods and other natural disasters usually aren’t the first things we think of, but they can happen to anyone. What would happen if your paper files were damaged? Would you lose all pertinent information? Scanning documents protects them from natural disasters. Also, consider that paper will deteriorate over time, whereas digital files will not.

  1. Cost Efficiency

Think about how much time your employees spend waiting by the fax machine, printing off documents, searching through the file cabinet and keeping files organized. Imagine if you could free up this time and make use of your employees’ talents. Customer service would improve, as well as sales and overall performance.

Are you thinking about going digital? Call Global Document Services to learn about our document scanning and digital storage services and how they can offer these five benefits to your company.

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