What Every Business Should Consider When Picking A Document Scanning Service

What Every Business Should Consider When Picking A Document Scanning Service

Are you changing from paper to digital files? A document scanning service will help deliver a solution that meets the needs of your business. Finding this service can be a challenge, though. A professional document scanning company should have the right equipment and technology, but experience is equally important. You are trusting this company to not only store and organize your documents but also keep them safe.

As you consider your options for a document scanning service, here are the key factors to keep in mind.

Experience and Expertise

How long has the company been working in this industry? Confidentiality laws have changed over time, so it’s important that the scanning provider operates within them. Also question if the service has worked with companies like yours before. Will they understand your unique requirements, such as the types of documents you work with and how to organize them?

Reputation and References

A good scanning service will have a strong reputation and testimonials. Take it a step further and ask the company for references from other customers. Follow up with these people and ask questions: What is it like to work with this company? Could you find your information easily? Were the images legible and clear?


Consider your long-term needs as well your short-term ones. Will this company grow with you? Ideally, the service you work with should offer a wide range of services such as cloud storage, paper shredding, document retrieval and legal document scanning. The more services offered, the more customized your solutions can be.

Quality Assurance

Working with a document scanning service is intended to offer peace of mind. Ask about quality assurance checks and when they are done (ideally during each step of the project). The purpose of these assessments is to make sure that all images are being copied accurately and legibly.

Privacy Protection

All information that is being scanned should be kept secure. Inquire how this will be done and any other steps that are taken to keep the information safe. Other things to consider include whether or not the documents will be scanned locally or shipped overseas, the use of security monitoring systems and the training and screening of the professionals.

Selecting a document scanning service can be a challenge, but you will feel confident when you come across the right provider. The key is knowing which questions to ask. For more information about professional document scanning needs, call Global Document Services today.

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